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Radiator Jig

radiator jig radiator jig

* 6mm Holding Plates (200mm square) are covered by 6mm insertion rubber - the core can't move and won't be crushed.

* Lower Holding Plate mounting consists of sturdy pipe inside pipe with a fully welded collar to take the weight applied (no split pins to wear out).

* Top Holding Plate winder is 25mm solid threaded bar through solid threaded block 76mm long.

* Fully floating bearing on top Holding Plate allows for accident damaged and twisted cores.

* Fully welded 6mm plate corner gussets for strength.

* Pivot made from 50mm solid bar set through R.H.S. box section and fully welded both sides for strength.

radiator jig radiator jig

* Pivot passes through adjustable 6mm wall section and can be tightened to your desired setting.

* Post made from heavy 6mm wall steam pipe with insert reaching down more than two thirds of the overall depth with fully welded collar. 1.6mm clearance between inside and outside pipes allows very firm 360 degree turning ability.

* Fully welded and gusseted 10mm base plate (305mm by 450mm) pre-drilled for your convenience.

* Rotating Holding Arms are made of heavy 76mm wall R.H.S. for long life and strength.

Overall Dimensions

Post Height to centre of pivot point915mm
Holding Arms (internal depth)380mm
Holding Arms (internal width)610mm
Shipping weight48 kg

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