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I wish to acknowledge the great willingness of several people helping me with their own speciality with the huge project of making Vintage Honeycomb Radiator Company come to life.

Christine, my wife, for all her work in creating my 90 page VHRC catalogue.

Bob Long and his team for their creative ability in developing this web site.

Kees Weel, friend, mentor and leader in all manner of things automotive cooling, for his ongoing support, generous use of his wind tunnel facility. Who else would pull Formula 1 and NASCAR race car radiators off a testing line and test honeycomb radiator cores? "What else can we do to help?" was and still is his regular question. I recommend you visit and see what his amazing family-owned business is achieving world-wide

Car club mate and vintage car devotee, Trevor Moore, who when asked to give me 3 days of his life to drive a rough riding truck to Sydney to pick-up the equipment jumped at the chance to be "part of the future".

The directors and staff of Red Back Radiators for their generous help and support in my achieving my goals, they are my best unpaid salesmen!

Last but number one in my mind, Charles Corser, toolmaker, engineer and friend. The man who responded to my 2009 request to fly to Sydney and give advice on the whole project from day one, even before I bought it! He has been there working with me for what will be 12 months. All the while rebuilding this antiquated machinery when he would have much rather have built new modern and sensible machinery. I am sure there were many occasions he could have run out the back door of his toolmaking shop as I walked in the front! I will always be in his debt, thank you Charles.

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