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Vintage Honeycomb Radiator Company (VHRC) has the experience and expertise to fit the core with the tanks and parts to make a complete radiator. Although this completed radiator becomes more cumbersome, VHRC packs the completed radiator in a custom built timber box for shipping, and we have not had a radiator damaged after being packed and despatched from Brisbane.

However, as a service to VHRC customers looking at replacing a honeycomb radiator core we can offer the above radiator fitters to fit it for you.

Should you purchase an unfitted core from Vintage Honeycomb Radiator Company the above shops have proven to be capable and have the know-how to fit the tanks and parts of these special radiators. We shall continue to add to this list as we find shops meeting the criteria.

Important: These fitters are not connected with VHRC and operate separately to VHRC, and VHRC will not and can not be held responsible for the conduct of these shops whilst fitting your core.

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