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The history of our machinery.

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Johnson Brothers Radiators operated this machinery in Parramatta Road, Ashfield, Sydney Australia; it then had another owner for 40+ years operating from the same address before I purchased it in 2009. It is believed to be as old as the 1930's.

When I travelled to Sydney, (920km south of where I am in Queensland) to collect the equipment, I discovered the original timber patterns for the castings of the press wrapped in paper. It appears that Johnson Brothers made or had the machinery made to suit their own needs. The die sets are made in metric sizes so I can only assume the dies sets, guillotine and lock-seamer may have been European and the actual press was made to use them.

I am presently operating the 8mm hexagon equipment. I also have all the equipment required, another press, guillotine and lock-seamer, to make a smaller hexagon core, approximately 4mm. This is a core I have rarely seen; it does come up occasionally in American vintage cars.

If you know of any further information about the history of Johnson Brothers, the equipment or the finer hexagon core I would enjoy talking with you.

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