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Site Map

Below is a table of every page on this site with a brief description.

HomepageOfficial homepage of Fuel Tank and Radiator Service. Specialising in the repair and restoration of vintage vehicles.
Contact UsBrisbane contact details for Fuel Tank and Radiator Service.
FeedbackA few words from some of our customers.
HoneycombVintage Honeycomb Radiator Company customers tell us their thoughts on our product.
Non-HoneycombWe also service non-honeycomb cores. These customers share their thoughts on our services.
MorgansCustomers with Morgans share their experiences with our service.
FueltanksFeedback on our fueltank repairs.
RedKote®Feedback we've received regarding the fueltank liner RedKote® made by Damon Industries.
WebsiteFeedback we've received about this website.
T-GasketCustomers who purchased our model T gaskets give their thoughts.
Site MapSite Map for
Entire Pricelist (slow...)All items for sale on this site. It's a long list and may take a while to load.
Search Pricelist (quick!)Search all items for sale on this site. Much quicker than using the entire pricelist.
Fuel Tank Repair ServiceVintage fuel tank repair techniques. How to preserve the paintwork of motorcycle tanks during repair.
Red-Kote® - Fuel Tank Liner
Red-Kote® - Fuel Tank LinerSpecial polymer coating for sealing rusted fuel tanks.
Red-Kote® LiquidLiquid version of Red-Kote®. A simple one-part, pre-mixed product.
Red-Kote® DryDry version of Red-Kote®. It is non-hazardous, and able to be posted. Requires mixing with Acetone for use.
Using Red-Kote®Application instructions for sealing rusted fuel tanks with either version of Red-Kote® (dry or liquid).
Red-Kote® Safety InformationSafety Data Sheets (SDS) and Emergency Procedure Guide - Transport (EPGT) for Red-Kote®.
Red-Kote® DealersList of local dealers for Red-Kote®.
Radiator Repairs
Radiator RepairsVintage radiator repair techniques.
Solder Use And PlacementAdvice on soldering vintage radiators.
Slitting Rolls of CopperSlicing a roll of copper to specific widths. This process was devised for the manufacture of our 4 inch honeycomb radiator cores.
IntroductionIntroduction to Vintage Honeycomb Radiator Company.
4 Inch CoresHow we came to manufacture our thickest core.
Honey­comb Core Price EstimatorEstimate the cost of a brand new radiator from Vintage Honeycomb Radiator Company.
Making a coreA quick explanation of how a honeycomb radiator core is made
The history of our machinery.Some known history of the machinery operated at Vintage Honeycomb Radiator Company.
VHRC Recommended FittersFind a fitter to install your new honeycomb radiator.
GalleryExamples of previous honeycomb restoration projects.
Acknowledge­mentsAcknowledge­ments to several people who helped make Vintage Honeycomb Radiator Company come to life.
Tools & Parts
Tools & PartsSpecial equipment for the professional radiator repair shop
Radiator JigA device to hold radiators while repairs are conducted.
Ridge RollerA device that rolls a ridge around your metal radiator fittings to firmly hold a hose in place.
Model T Manifold Gaskets (set of 6)Exhaust gasket for the Model T Ford and Essex. It's made by Greg and sold to the Ford parts suppliers in the USA!
Brass CNC machined replacement filler necksBrass CNC machined replacement filler necks for Rolls Royce and Bentley 1946 to 1959. Also suits many other post-war English cars.
Vintage Noise
Vintage NoiseVintage Horns and replacement Bulbs.
Bulb HornsBrand new vintage style automotive horns.
Bugles & Other HornsBugles, and other generally non-automotive horns.
AccessoriesAdapters, brackets, conduit, filtering mesh and reeds.
Rubber BulbsReplacement rubber bulbs for vintage horns.
OtherSome vintage vehicle wares that don't fit elsewhere.
InterestsBrief outline of the Stevens' interest and activity in the Veteran / Vintage / Classic vehicle scene.
1918 Model T Ford RunaboutA Brisbane built model T Ford with a Peel body, and unconventional fittings and guards.
1928 Indian Scout 1011928 Indian Scout 101.
1928 Super Aero 3-wheel Morgan (trike)1928 Super Aero 3-wheel Morgan (trike).
1970 Morgan 4/4 4 seater1970 Morgan 4/4 4 seater.
Red Bull Billycart Grand PrixA 62% scale billycart of a Model T Ford races at the Red Bull Billycart Grand Prix 2004.
2006 Tasmania TourA pedal car that has been modified to look like an Austin 7 Chummy.
Miscel­laneous StoriesRandom collection of pictures and stories from Greg and Christine's travels.
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