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Vintage Noise - Other

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1 =AU$18.50

Cow Bell (or Door Bell) #VN‑90

This is a new Cow Bell with an antique finish.

These are great as Door Bells or decorations and they are also often used to call people (usually the wife calling her husband) for smoko and lunch.


1 =AU$3.00

Delco Remy Klaxon Horns Service Manual #VN‑95

Reproduction Booklet. This is a copy of a great Klaxon Horn Service Manual, originally printed in 1933. It includes 5 pages of diagrams and information on Klaxon Horns made up until that time. Horns represented are 3H, 11, 14, 16, 17, 18C, 19B, 22, 26, 31, 32 and 34.

Delco Remy Klaxon Horns Service Manual

1 =AU$4.00

"My other Car is a Morgan" Sticker #VN‑97

This is a sticker which has been produced for your "other car". The stickers are printed on high gloss quality vinyl, and are used on cars all over the world. They are often seen on the back of rental cars, that Morgan owners hire while attending Morgan events away from home (and their Morgan).

"My other Car is a Morgan" Sticker

1 =AU$48.00

2013 Morgan Round-up Car Badge #VN‑98

There were only 100 of these badges produced to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of Morgan Owners Queensland Inc. All badges were numbered, and there is limited stock available. Badges were issued to all attendees of the 2013 Morgan Round-up, the national gathering hosted in Gympie, from Friday 31st May to Sunday 2nd June 2013. Badges 1 and 100 were auctioned, raising over $1,000 with all funds being raised donated to Angel Flight.


1 =AU$18.00

Model T Ford Manifold Gaskets (set of 6) #EQ‑01

After many attempts at sealing, and having stay sealed, my own T Ford manifolds, and fitting new exhaust manifolds, I have formed my own style of "solid individual flange" type gaskets. You will see from the cutaway photo how they are formed within the manifold and block, thereby not allowing any gas to escape past the outside of the flange. They are made with the flange left open, so once they are heated and re-tensioned to 18 ft-lb on the studs they will form over any irregularities which may exist on either face of the manifold or block.

Another major advantage of this gasket sealing ring is the ease of fitting - no multiple parts to be juggled whilst trying to hold it all in place.

This is a set of 6 formed copper manifold gaskets / flanges. They are sold in a pack of 6 to be fitted now or carried as spares for later. These gaskets have also been reported extremely successful on mid-1920's Essex and Veteran Little.

1 =AU$315.00

Ridge Roller #EQ‑02


This is a tool to suit a variety of industries. Tubes and pipes, down to an internal diameter of 25mm, as well as flat sheets can have a ridge applied. This compact unit rolls a neat ridge around copper, brass, aluminium, steel or stainless steel fittings to securely hold hoses in place.


  • Radiators and cooling systems (both copper/brass and aluminium)
  • Intercoolers and all associated pipe work
  • Chassis building, and
  • Race car building

All the roller requires is a vice to be held down - No special benches - Use it and store it back into your tool draw.


Copper and aluminium3mmeasily
Brass and steel2mmwith *care
Stainless1.6mmwith *care

With *care means, the Ridge Roller will do the job with special care. With softer materials you might just set the depth and roll the ridge in one turn. Thicker and harder materials will require multiple adjustments to create the ridge over several turns.

It is impossible to make a Ridge Roller small enough to enable it to be used in small tubes down to 25mm, yet bulky enough to allow ridges in heavy and stronger materials with one turn.

All parts are CNC machined with the actual rollers being 4140 stock. All parts are Zinc-plated before assembly, for presentation.

The label repeats these thoughts: "Common sense dictates its capabilities"

1 =AU$73.00

RedKote Dry #RK‑01

The toughest, most flexible and best adhering liner for fuel tank repairs. Seals small leaks and prevents rust in metal tanks. In use on over 1.5 million vehicles including cars, motorcycles, trucks, boats and airplanes.

RedKote Dry

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