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Nundah Cash Store Truck

The photo that inspired the re-creation.

1925 K series Chevrolet truck

This one started while enjoying breakfast in October 2019 at our favourite Nundah café Simply Duo.

On the wall, in a simple timber frame, was a black & white photo of a delivery truck bearing the words Nundah Cash Store written along the tray with extra words on the C cab.

I removed the photo and studied the truck. I thought, "6 wheel studs and drum headlights; this is not a T-Ford but an early Chevrolet truck."

I proclaimed to café owner Thang, and Christine, “I am going to re-create this truck!”

After breakfast, I studied up on the details from my office. Yes, it was a 1925 Chevrolet truck.

For sale in Perth.

Online I checked the classifieds, to see what was available: a few fully restored vehicles, but then I found the one I was looking for! An older restoration, from the early 1980’s, possibly earlier. It was listed for sale in a Perth truck yard, fully registered in West Australia until the 14th December. This truck was actually more expensive than the fully restored vehicles, but I did not want a restored truck, I wanted to re-create the Nundah Cash Store truck!

Still in Perth, before shipping to Brisbane workshop.

I negotiated the price and called a friend in Perth to inspect and test-drive it. “How did it go?” I asked. “Like a ’25 Chev”, he replied. Once I explained my project intentions, he agreed it was perfect. Why destroy a restored truck when you want faded paint and cracked timber? John understood what I wanted!

On the transport truck, ready to leave Perth.

I paid the price, John organised shipping with a Perth friend who owns a trucking company, and he drove it to the departure yard. “Could have sold it 3 times!” he exclaimed.

Picking Up the truck from the shipping yard.

It took a week to arrive here, in Brisbane. We picked it up with a trailer because the Brisbane yard was in Ipswich. Better to carry it home, than regret it if things go poorly!

By the time the truck arrived home, I had already briefed the sign-writer on my project, and placed an order. He created the signs, and aged them perfectly. They look as old as the truck.

Serious delivery for a serious truck!
New signs being "aged" to look as old as the truck.
Inside the top radiator tank.

Since then, I have:

  • built a honeycomb radiator for the truck
  • removed and cleaned the fuel tank
  • made and fitted a new bottom to the vacuum tank
  • relined the brakes
  • took off the head and tidied up
    • set of new exhaust valves
    • machining
  • new tail light lens (replacing the cracked Hella lens)
  • fitted new tyres and tubes
A look inside the fuel filter.

The Dunlop tyres on the truck have not been made since 1976. They did so well!

As usual, Bill Russell from Buckland Automotive at Nundah, has been very generous with his time and knowledge. Thanks again to Bill and Marilyn.

The truck still has a couple of electrical gremlins, which in time will be sorted, all part of the challenge. What’s going to happen next?

Parked at Breakfast Creek Hotel for Christmas drinks. (2019)
Santa loaded and ready to deliver! (2019)

Christine and I introduced ourselves to the local councillor at a community event, and through this connection we were asked to carry Santa to the local Nundah Christmas Festival, which was fun. We also visited the Nundah and District Historical Society who were very happy to see the re-creation.

This store stood 20m from where Simply Duo is now.

Through their archives we were able to find a photo of the Nundah Cash Store, this shows the same phone number as the truck, so the connection was done! This store was at the corner of Sandgate Road and Station Street, Nundah. It stood 20 metres from our café Simply Duo.

I asked my business neighbour Andrew, from Sign Creators, to help me build a Santa-Sleigh for the back of the truck. Thanks to Sign Creators, it looked fantastic!

Enjoy the photos of the truck. The signs where finished 1st November 2019, thanks Damian.

Thang and Greg outside Simply Duo, Nundah.
Another shot from outside Simply Duo.