1928 Super Aero 3-wheel Morgan (trike)

1928 Super Aero 3-wheel Morgan (trike). 1928 Super Aero 3-wheel Morgan (trike). Click for a larger image.

This particular car has an interesting history. It spent its life, prior to the war, in Malaya. The story goes that when the Japanese were invading Malaya in 1941, the owner covered the Morgan with aircraft oil and buried it. It lay hidden until 1945.

We have a copy of the Malaysian Registration papers confirming that our Morgan Super Aero was owned by Cyril Bunting from 25th August 1966. At the time his address was Petaling and later Perak in Malaysia. On 26th December 1976 it was purchased by Woo Kolc Tee and Woo Kolc Wan (I may have the spelling incorrect as the writing is difficult to read.) On 30th March 1981 it was purchased by Chang Ham Long & Chong Tham Por. Chang Ham Long is believed to have raced the car occasionally in the Malay Grand Prix. These were the last owners of the car in Malaysia as the next owner advised that he purchased the car from a Chinese doctor in Malaysia.

1928 Super Aero 3-Wheel Morgan (front view). 1928 Super Aero 3-Wheel Morgan (front view). Click for a larger image.

Derek de Soto-Phillips purchased the car sight unseen in 1988 after replying to an advertisement in a car magazine. De Soto-Phillips had seen this particular car when it was running around in Singai Siput in the 1950s while he was serving with the British Army in Malaya. When it arrived at the docks at Fremantle it started and he drove it home, but because of the Malaysian climate and its inactivity is was a bit of a wreck. A 15 month restoration then followed.

Soon after, ill health struck him and he was forced to sell the car, being bought by the late Robert Holmes a Court and placed in his collection within the Heytesbury Classic Car Collection. After Robert Holmes a Court passed away his wife, Janet Homes a Court sold off his collection. This is one of the few vehicles that remained in Australia. It was purchased by Bruce Butler, a farmer in Bruce Rock, Western Australia as part of his 3-wheel car collection.

Greg and Christine Stevens purchased the car from him after he owned it for some 18 months. After extensive work, associated with being stored in a museum all of that time rather than being driven, the car is now reliable. Greg loves this car and the challenges it brings. It is a challenge to drive and maintain. He often drives this on Car Club events.

In October 2001, soon after purchase, it was shipped to, and driven at the National Morgan Muster. There were about 160 Morgans there. The 3-wheeler was driven approximately 400 kilometres with no problems. In April 2003, it travelled in excess of 1000 kilometres on a 2 week tour of Tasmania. In May 2009, as part of the Morgan Centenary celebrations, it attended the 33rd Historic Winton at Winton Motor Raceway, Benalla, Victoria. In October 2009, it was the only 3-wheeler at the Australian Morgan Centenary Celebrations in Inverell. We continue to drive it to local events.

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