2006 Tasmania Tour

Austin 7 chummy pedal car. Austin 7 chummy pedal car.

SYDNEY - DEVONPORT - SYDNEY (Sunday 16th April & Saturday 29th April 2006)

We started out with 33 cars, 66 adults and 2 children but our numbers dropped away slightly. Sadly Hugh Lane passed away on the ship sailing from Sydney and Angela returned home. He had been unwell but was not aware to what extent. A few days later Greg and Jeanne Watson left us and returned home to Maryborough as Greg was unwell with the flu.


Whilst waiting at the wharf I was bragging because my cabin was 3rd from the front of the boat. On our departure we were advised there would be a 10 to 15 knot wind and a swell of around 1 metre. This was nothing! We recently sold our 5.25m boat and, even in that little boat we were very comfortable in these conditions - and we both suffer from sea sickness. This was going to be a great trip. Wrong!

The voyage on the Spirit of Tasmania from Sydney to Devonport could only be described as "horrific". One of the members of our group reached for the sick bag even before we were out through the Sydney Heads. I really don’t know why because conditions were good at this stage. We were told that the seas were up to 11m but I believe this was a reduced figure that they told the passengers. The majority of the passengers on the boat received injections for motion sickness. Those that did not were not aware that these were available. Greg and I eventually ventured into our cabin at around midnight.


It took some a few days to totally recover but eventually we were all enjoying our holiday. I am unsure of the total distance travelled but I would imagine it would be in the vicinity of 3200km, sailing out of Sydney and back to Sydney. I am sure someone out there will have the statistics.

The Model T drove well from Jillaby (North of Gosford) until it reached Sydney and that was where our problems commenced. No hard luck prize was given out for the tour because our 2 cars had their share of problems. I had a hire car at one stage and even it was hit by a rock from a council mower resulting in a hole in the passenger door.

Anyway, we tried not to let our car problems ruin our holiday and got on enjoying the Tasmania Scenery.

Those touring Tasmania split into several groups but we all managed to catch up several times as we crossed over. The scenery was diverse. One day we were driving winding our way up and down hills we would be driving through hills and traveling through places like Derby, Weldborough Pass, Pyengana. The next day we had the peace and tranquility of places like St Helens, Binalong Bay, Falmouth and Bicheno.


All were encouraged to dress in the "Titanic Theme" for dinner on the final night. There was an additional option being "Era of your Vehicle". Approximately half took this simpler option. Thank-you to those that came along and made this an enjoyable holiday.

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