Red Bull Billycart Grand Prix

The billycart at rest. The billycart at rest. Click for a larger image.


Melbourne 28th November 2004

We were TEAM 11, being 1 of 100 entrants in this year’s event; 3600 entry forms were sent out with 800 completed forms being returned. Of these only 100 are selected on creativity, style and "promise", we made it as TEAM 11!

The standard was very high in the 2004 event as it was in 2002. (The event was not held in 2003); See the main poster for some 2002 entries. The team consists of 4 pushers and 1 driver.

The billycart zooms by! The billycart zooms by! Click for a larger image.

Team members are:

The billycart on the track. The billycart on the track. Click for a larger image.

Cheer Squad are:

Our Billy Cart is a 62% scale of a 1915 Model T Ford, being exactly 62% wheelbase and track, twin inboard disc brakes on the rear. The maximum weight allowed was 80 kilograms without driver. We are at 70.8 kg as it sits here and ended with a final weight of 72 kg kilograms.

THE RACE IS RUN Well the Red Bull Billycart Grand Prix has been run and won, but not by us! Thankyou to all of you who have helped with goods, services and support. Your help, no matter how small it may have been, was appreciated.

RED BULL. Red Bull must be congratulated on the event. It was awesome just to be there, let alone be apart of the action! They looked after us all, regardless of what it was we required. They all went out of our way to be as helpful as possible, going beyond what was expected in lots of ways! Right down to actually calling Greg Watson in Maryborough (after the event) to ask his address so they could post his scarf to him. He had dropped it and it was handed in during the event. They then posted it home safely, great!

The cold drinks, food and everything we could have needed was laid on all weekend. The layout of the track was great with all the action captured live and played on 4 big screens live and with action replays!

THE RACE Christine’s race - team 11’s race - I know you want to know. Well! We set-up in the pits and apart from all the great atmosphere, people and action all over, we had a "hero" next to us! A "hero" because he sat ther for hours telling us how fast his machine was, how he is a great driver, etc, etc. A "hero", as it turned out, because he ran Christine into the haybales rather than let a girl beat him. Yes, you read it right!

Saturday was spent with safety briefings, issues of how you get down the track without accidents etc, who were the starters, flag marshalls and what you needed to take notice of in the heat of the moment. "Flag marshalls", they actually had officials at specific parts of the track. For example, there was a flag marshall at the cross-over to alert the slower cart to the fact that they were behind the faster cart, coming into the cross-over. This meant you gave way to the faster cart to aviod an accident.

Well, our opponent was behind, because he received the yellow flag. Not to be beaten by probably the only female in the field of some 100 Billy carts, he played chicken at the cross-over, and of course Christine gave way! She executed a wonderful 180 degree broadside and after a push, continued (along with the cheers of the crowd) to the finish line.

In summary, we had a great weekend in all. Christine felt she let the team down and on the other hand we were all disappointed for her! The winners in the end were a team who raced a 4 burner BBQ onto the winners podium, great effort guys!

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