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Vintage Honeycomb Radiator Company


I watched your video about 6 months ago. It was fascinating and you are a craftsman of the first order. Just the history and the use of the machinery is worth the watch. Thank you.

California, USA

I watched your video Greg and have to take my hat off to you for your effort in continuing this type of business. It is obvious that you are a craftsman and have committed a lot of time, money and effort to help us restorers keep our old cars running. It’s nice to know where we can go, when you need this sort of rebuild as the number of people doing this is few and far between.

Florida, USA

Thank you for posting the link with the videos. Now I can understand their expense in making them!

Florida, USA

I enjoyed your video. Only a true motor head would watch that all the way through!

California, USA

Hi Greg, Thanks for your email. I have to say I'm a big fan, I've come across your website and YouTube videos in the past, some very nice work.


Hands down, one of the best videos I have seen.


I really enjoyed your YouTube videos, very very interesting indeed. Thanks, Joe.


Honeycomb Cores

Thank you guys for doing a great job on my radiator for my Willys Whippet. You and Holden Hill radiators did a fantastic job. Regards Tony Harkness.

VHRC core fitted
VHRC core fitted
Willys Whippet - Gawler SA, Australia

I’ve now had time to unpack the radiator. It looks excellent and I’m really happy I chose to have the tanks replaced too. You have done an excellent job. Thanks so much.

1929 Chevrolet - Norway

Greg, a very substantial box arrived on my veranda today containing the Austin 7 radiator core, ordered safe and sound. The workmanship looks excellent, many thanks.

WA, Australia

I am happy to report we are home safe and sound (as is the Packard) and we had no problems at all. We did well over 3000 km and I added NO water at all the whole trip. Still full when I arrived home and the temperature never rose above 180 degrees. All I can say is, problem solved and a BIG thank you. Oh, the Packard is a 1938 twelve (7.8 lts) Club sedan. It also won its class in the concourse.

NSW, Australia

I found Greg via internet search near Easter holidays in 2012. We briefly discussed via email and phone the requirements for a vintage honeycomb radiator for my 1936 Austin 7. I placed an order, but Greg was going off for an Easter drive in his Ford Model T. Upon returning, he promptly worked on my order, and delivered on time as promised. Great to work with someone who is also an old car enthusiast.


Greg, your great work has paid off, on the test run today the radiator temperature stayed around 160 degrees, even after the long run on the express way. I thank you for your offer to help me out given such short notice, your prompt delivery and very professional approach was very much appreciated. I will be writing to all the guys that answered my request for advice and let them know the outcome and the excellent work you do.

Sydney, Australia

Hi Greg, received the radiator core in good condition last Friday (Dec 7th), the packaging was excellent! The core looks very very close to what I am after. I am taking the core & tanks into Calgary on Tuesday & have them assemble it. There is a gent that has been doing radiators for 40 years and has experience with the honey comb core -- so I think I have the local expert!


Hi Greg, the "Brough Superior 4" radiators arrived safely. They exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much this. This is one major hurdle down.

Johannesburg, South Africa

The core arrived Wednesday - incredible! Looks amazing, have contacted one shop that I hope can assemble it with the tanks. Thanks again.

Alberta, Canada

G'day Greg, I'm incredibly happy with my radiator. It's true, like a new car. I drive it everywhere with no threat of overheating! Thanks so much.

1928 Chevrolet - Toowoomba, Australia

Non-Honeycomb Radiators

1936 P2 Plymouth

Hi Greg, just thought I would forward feed back to you with regard to P2 Plymouth radiator re core. Firstly thank you for your professional approach to the entire repair, you are interested in getting the best outcome for someone with an old car, to many others it's just another problem they need to deal with. Thank you for accurate and concise information and quick turnaround and for delivering it in person.

As for observations of temp gauge readings prior to and after fitting radiator, firstly with old unit temp would reach 200 degrees easily when switched off, having read about the same at idle. This was with a 72 degree thermostat fitted, I now have a 180 degree thermostat and the gauge reads accurately on it opening. The main comment I wish make is that the gauge cycles more quickly at cruise and even in traffic slow going the readings are better.

Another observation is that the original unit weighed some 16 kilos, new unit about 10 kilos, when the engine was shut down the gauge used sit at a high temp for a good half hour, now the gauge falls to about 140 degrees within 10 minutes. I put this down to lesser mass and the fact that thermo siphon is happening more efficiently with tube type radiator now fitted.

Be advised that with this vehicle the temp gauge being a gas filled tubing type and the fact that is located directly number 6 cylinder combustion chamber and may not be reading the overall temp of engine, just that at the rear of engine.

Over all I am very happy with the repair you did for me, particularly your attention to detail. Keep up the good work and commitment, I have no hesitation in recommending you to others in need of help.

Tweed Heads, QLD, Australia

1937 V8 Ford

Dear Greg, the radiator arrived on Thursday and was unpacked on Friday. It looks very good, thank you for your care and workmanship. I am sure it will perform to my expectations.

QLD, Australia


I was after a factory styled radiator for my Fairlane. The car is fitted with a 540HP Cleveland.

You installed a new 3 row core with the standard 550mm factory tanks. The car still runs the factory mechanical fan and shroud.

Since getting the car on the road on Dec 13, I have driven the car in the heaviest traffic. On some days close to 40 degrees. The engine temp has stayed rock steady. It has never once gone over 195F, even idling in heavy traffic on very hot days.

Given the constant drama I hear from owners of old falcons fitted with alloy radiators and thermos, I am very pleased to have a good quality copper radiator fitted. Brilliant job.

Morayfield, QLD, Australia


When I first got into Morgan's it didn't take long for me to hear that they were a problem in the heat, that they were made for UK conditions & not suitable in climes with temperatures greater than 10C! My first Mog was a 4/4/4, I had it for about 2 years and it displayed none of the characteristics of overheating. This may have been due to its small power plant (1.6 CVH) and it's comparatively young age - 1985.

In 2000 I imported a Plus 8 from the UK. It was with this model that I noticed the problem with overheating, the car itself never actually boiled but the needle spent most of it's time disconcertingly on the right hand side of gauge.

V8 Tom Fairhall suggested I send the radiator to this bloke he knew in Brisbane who was a whiz with radiators. So I called Greg Stevens and told him the problem and he went into a detailed description of the problems with the standard radiator and to send it to him, he would re-core it and re-locate the thermostat you can then "forget about overheating".

He was right, my car runs with the needle just over 90 and rarely moves, I recently installed a 4.0 litre engine to replace the 3.5, the new engine has a fast road cam, worked heads and has an aftermarket engine management system driving the EFI. I have driven the car all through summer with temps around the 38+ and when running the gauge sits a little over the 90 in traffic it will climb a little higher but the fan cuts in to keep in under control.

So in closing I can thoroughly recommend Fuel Tank & Radiator Service and forget your fancy aluminum radiators and get Greg to fix the one you have and lastly, don't believe everything you hear on these internet lists that Plus 8's ALWAYS run hot, it can be fixed.

Sydney, Australia

My 1985 Plus8 arrived in Australia at the start of summer 2000. It soon became obvious in hot weather that the cooling system was inadequate. After fast motorway driving I would turn off the motor to find most of the coolant dumped out of the radiator! I took it to Greg Stevens who found that there was not much wrong with the original radiator and suggested a different core specification which was then fitted. The car now runs at pretty well thermostat opening temperature most of the time - even in traffic on hot days. The same applies to my 1981 4/4 after it got the same treatment.

Brisbane, Australia


Hi Greg, receipt attached. I will organise the courier ASAP. Thanks for all your quick and easy dealings. Hopefully this will get the old girl up and running.



Had leaky rusty fuel tank off motorbike. Tried other liner and it did not work. Took tank to FTRS and the lining was removed. Rust and all pinholes repaired. It was suggested that I use Red-Kote, which I did. It was easy to use, and that was about 3 years ago with no problems. I am going to use it on my old outboard tank.

QLD, Australia

Hi, the RedKote arrived promptly, and has worked efficiently. My thanks, Jeffrey.

TAS, Australia

Vintage Noise

VN-15 Bugle

Hi there! I purchased this bugle. It plays wonderfully. Absolutely beautiful instrument.



I wish to commend you on your informative web-site & services. Very pleasing to see, hope all is going well.

Adelaide, SA, Australia

I liked your website and enthusiasm for your work.

Western Australia

Model T Ford Manifold Gaskets

These gaskets are just the best ones on the planet. They work sooooooooo well!

not specified

Great item, as described, very happy!

New Zealand

German : Alles super gerne wieder (English "Everything perfectly! Happy again!")


Great to deal with, as advertised, recommended!


Exactly as described. Very fast postage. Perfect!


Quick delivery. Well packed. As described. Highly recommended. Thanks.


Totally satisfied with purchase and delivery.


Very happy thankyou.


Happy days.


Excellent product! Makes life easier!


Efficient, Fast, Number One Business!!!




Brass CNC machined replacement filler necks

I received this yesterday. It fits perfectly in my 1954 Bentley R Type! Thank you ~ Steve.


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